UHS Coach Nye Talks The Business in Hockey


I was reviewing some old documents the other day and came across a great article written in 2010 from the Business Insider (Oct 15 2010) The 10 Most Powerful People in Pro Hockey

After you have another look through it you might be wondering as I was, “What the ‘h-e-double hockey sticks’ were we thinking?” Really think about it especially after this past mess (NHL Lockout number 3) that Bettman caused and that Alex Ovechkin has dropped so far off the ‘super hero’ radar in the NHL that we aren’t sure if he is still around?

On top of all that I would think the removal of Brian Burke and Colin Campbell off the list would be wise to do as their influence in the game right now seems to be dwindling.

But I must admit I am puzzled at who could be the new replacements on the new 2013 The 10 most powerful men in pro hockey!

So the Coach is asking you, the great fans of the NHL, who would you line up as “The 10 Most Powerful Men in Pro Hockey?”

Send me your comments and let’s create our own list and then send it into the NHL and find out how they like it!

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye