How to be successful

I was reading an article the other day on how to be successful in your life and one of the statements made was that all successful people who have reached their goals and dreams in their lifes have several things in commom. It wasn’t a tremendous earth shattering finding but something very simple really. What it was is that they read books that helped them develop and implement positive habits, in which they created and practiced daily.

Isn’t that what we coaches want our players to do? Create the positive habits, practice them daily to become better athletes. But what goes wrong is the player loses either his desire to become the best or gets injured which stops their progress or some other factor happens which has know explanation.

As I read further and did some other research of my own I came across something that I had written in my early days of coaching which I had titled “10 Things Successful People Will Do To Reach Their Goals” 

This can be applied to anyone, not just athletes. I hope it helps you out.

10 Things Successful People Will Do To Reach Their Goals

1. Don’t Use Any Excuses
We all have two tiny voices in our head. One that will tell you to keep working hard, don’t let up keep focus on your goal. Keep at the goal until your finished before deciding to move onto the next thing, make sure you finish it and finish it off well.

Then there is the other voice. The one which says come on take a break, let’s see what is on TV or check out what everyone is saying on the news or the sports highlights.

As you go through life you will come across some difficult times, like not getting the promotion you thought was your’s or not making the team as a regular starter. Well we can either feel sorry for ourselves or move forward, leave it behind us and use this as an motivation.

Listen to your excuses, understand them and why they are there. Then figure out how you will over come them and even use them for the good.

2. It Wasn’t Just About Them

Certain ‘Things’ can’t always be the motivator, the true successful people always get there because they created change in the lives of others, not just their own. You must have something that drives you hard, something that has the ‘big meaning’‘the end result’ not just the money part and that’s fine to have that in mind but really it shouldn’t be the end result.

3. Early Risers and Late Nights

Bottom line the people who have made themselves successful are the one’s who have worked at it, period! One of the best quotes I have come across and believe in is from Abe Lincoln ” Things may come to those who wait…but only the things left by those who hustle.” Meaning you will have to out hustle everyone else to be successful.

4. The Greatest Research
I’m not talking about finding things out or hydro, no I’m speaking of energy, your energy. The fuel that makes you do things that others will not do. The more energy you have the easier it is to focus on the task on hand. Keeping physically fit allows the blood to flow to your brain, which enhances your awareness and keeps your focus.

5. Your Principles

Do you have them? Do have values that you believe in that know one can ever change? You must indentify your principles for your life and stick to them, live by them even through tough times because if you don’t you will never succeed to the level that you want. Remember this quote from Winston Churchill, “ History will be kind to me. For I intend to write it!”

6. Faith

We are human so we all have doubt. But the one’s who succeed are the one’s who over come their doubt and force themselves to move forward to their dream. They have this unbelievable, unbreakable faith that has them step forward, over or through the doubts.

7. A Reason

Many people throughout history who have accomplished great things were insecure but had something to prove to others. They had a desire to raise their status and create change that was so strong that failure was never a option.

8. Persevere where other’s won’t

How does one know if you can succeed if you quit? maybe if you continued you might of reached your goal in a day or a year or 20 years, who knows, none of us do. What separates the person from striving to be successful to the one who stops going for his dream is that person has decided to quit for whatever reason. I always wondering what if Henry Ford had quit on his dream, what would he be? What if Nelson Mandela gave up? He wouldn’t achieved anything after his survival but he did while others quit or even died.

9. Study

Whatever your dream/goal is, in whatever field of business or sport your in, you must study the craft. Great players do this all the time, baseball great Tony Gwynn spent endless hours watching film on opposing pitchers.

Even take myself as a example. I’m a coach – former player in hockey. So I studied what great coaches have done, what great players have done now. My favorite coach is Scotty Bowman, a master of the line changes and the master of the mind games with his players, he got the best out of his players that had no reason to be as good as they were. You must learn your craft inside and out-build that wealth of knowledge to succeed.

10. Risk

The old saying is true – No Risk – No Reward. It is so,so true. The one’s who have succeeded are usually the one’s who have risked the most.
The greatest tragedy in life is wasted talent. Because that person wasn’t willing to take the risk, to step out to the unknown.
I hope you are not one of those people, take a risk and succeed!

By Warren Nye,
Photo by thetaxhaven
March 11th, 2012