Well the final 4 have been decided and they will duke it out to see who the final 2 will be going to the BIG dance!

We here at UHS will look at both conference championship series and break things down with The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.  So lets’ not waste anymore time here and dive in!

Western Conference Championship

Kings vs Hawks


Los Angeles Kings (5)  vs  Chicago Blackhawks (1)

The Good – L.A. Kings

-  Superior  goaltending will win you playoff games even when the fire power isn’t going on all cylinders. With Jonathan Quick making save after save and the with Coach Sutter’s system of shutting down the other teams attack you have a winning formula right there.

-  Good offensive defensemen to help with the scoring if needed

-  As mentioned as very sound system for keeping the other off balance.

The Bad

-  Need more offence from some of the top forwards like, Carter, Richards, Penner and Brown. Time to get it going!

-  Would be nice to see J. Stoll back in the lineup, he would be very helpful on the PK

The Ugly

-  Home record has been great but will not have home ice advantage, how will this affect the Kings?

-  Will need more shots on Crawford and will need to be going to the Hawks net often.


The Good- Blackhawks

-  Special teams and we aren’t talking about the PP here!  No it’s the Hawks PK that has been firing smoke as they have only allowed 1 goal against 21 attempts by the opposition and perfect at home in the 7 games played.

-  Offensive power is there but hasn’t broken out yet but when it does, watch out

The Bad

3 Hawks

-  Speaking of offensive ‘swagger’ where the heck has Kane gone. Yes he has 2 goals in the last series but he needs to do more as does Hossa, Sharp and young Saad.

-  Defense will need to tighten up even more. The Hawks play a very sound game in their own end but once the Kings start pushing and banging they better have a good plan to get the puck out.

The Ugly

-  Corey Crawford can not afford to have a bad game period! He will be tested and tested and he will need to be A-1 or the Hawks will have it rough.

-  Coaching- Coach Q and Coach Sutter are ‘ old hands’ at this stage of the game but I do give the advantage to Coach Sutter

Coach Nye’s Prediction:

- No real advantage to either team here, should go the full 7 games in my opinion but I do give the slight nod to the defending champs but they will have to it away from home which may be tough.  Kings in 7


Eastern Conference Championship


Pittsburgh Penguins (1) vs Boston Bruins (4)

The Good – Penguins

-  Offensive threats every time a line jumps over the boards

-  Speed kills you and the Pens have that

-  If it matters anyway now but Pens took the regular season 3-0

The Bad

-  Yes the Pens have speed but they are older than the Bruins so this might be a bit of a edge for the ‘Bears’

-  The high flying dmen of the Pens better be ready for some crash and bang hockey as that is what they will be getting, so the question is Can they handle it?

The Ugly

-  Though Vokoun has been pretty steady since taking over from the Fleury, this is where I would be concerned.


The Good – Bruins

-  Bruins led the other three teams in shots on net through these playoffs, averaging 38 per game.

-  Dominating the face-off circle at 58%


- Best defence going in with Zdeno ‘ Redwood’ Chara showing the way. But will he be able to shut down Crosby or will that be Malkin, he can’t cover both?

The Bad

-  Have the Bruins really been tested in these playoffs yet? No disrespect to the Leafs or Rangers but we are talking about a powerhouse team from Pittsburgh

-  Need the scoring of Tyler Seguin to wake up..Hello it’s playoff time!

-  SOS sent out for a Jaromir Jagr, if seen please contact Coach Julien, he would like to know where the hell he has been?

The Ugly

-  Bruins PK sucks! Yes it’s at 81% but that won’t do against a Pens PP which is running at 29%

-  Won’t be able to play a run ‘n gun game so don’t even go there.

Coach Nye’s Prediction:

Bruins have used up a lot of their own energy to get to where they are now and lets face facts, they have no where near the offensive power as does the Pens, so big advantage to the Penguins on that one. Whereas the Pens have been tested by a couple of very good teams in NYI and the Senators. Pens have too much going their way unless their tenders don’t show up but I’m still going with the Penguins in 6


So there you have it in a nutshell. If all goes right in the Coach’s predictions we will see a Penguins vs Kings Stanley Cup Final but you know what, anything can happen in this great game! So let them begin, enjoy!

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye