I think the ‘Big Dog’ has now been officially woken! ‘The Woken Dog’ -Article May 20th 2013.

You can only take so much punishment and create so many scoring chances until something has to give and what gave last night was the defense of the Ottawa Senators in the third period. Only trailing by a goal heading into the final period but being out shot 29-22 (plus the 50+shots from game 3 by the Pens) the dam finally broke on Sens netminder Anderson who stopped anything and everything the Penguins were willing to fire at him. As Coach Bylama stated, ‘ We knew if we kept sending shots his way sooner or later he would have to crack.’ and indeed he did.

In the third at the 8:39 minute mark finally Anderson was pulled, ‘To rest up for game 5′ as Coach MacLean later said. By the way the Coach wasn’t talking much after the game, only slapping the game sheet and telling the reporters to’ Read this as it had all the info you guys needed to write about’ then storming off. Really can’t blame him as his team almost looked like they stopped working in the third and you can not blame ‘The Keeper of the Twins’ for Ottawa, that being Anderson as he stood his ground many of times and if he didn’t I think the score could have been 10-3.

What really hurt the Sens was the tieing goal coming off the break away from Kunitz at the start of the second, then 40 seconds later Iggy jumped on a loose puck in front to tap home the leading goal and never to look back.

Here is a look at the Good, Bad and the Ugly.

The Good

- For the Pens they starting coming around on their PP going 2/5

- Nice to see Iginla score 2 and also to see Neal get things going as well with 2 of his own.

- The Pens keep blocking shots which helps out their tender Vokoun a heck of lot.

- Popcorn was good! (Just seeing if you were paying attention)

The Bad

- Ottawa’s giveaways weren’t bad but they can’t continually to do so as the Pens will eat them up.

- Ottawa’s defense seemed to disappear come the third, What’s up with that?

- Not getting the production from the players Ottawa needs to have, where is Spezza, Silfverberg, Zibanejad and Karlsson?

The Ugly

- Being down 3-1 in games and heading back to Pittsburgh it’s a pretty big hole to climb out of for Ottawa, can the do it? Answer I’m sorry to say is NO!

Additional Notes from the Coach

I really think the Senators will come out in the next game with a lot of gung-ho attitude but if the Pens can go for the first 5 to 10 minutes without getting scored upon by Ottawa then the tide will turn and the Pens will start rocking ‘n rolling again. If that happens then you can start having the ‘Fat Lady’ sing because as you know from last nights contest, she is warming up right now!

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye