Game 4 Hawks win

As this series moves forward to Saturday night for game 5 we know one thing for sure, that the goal scores have found their lucky sticks again and the two ‘Tenders of the Twines’ of the Hawks and Bruins better watch out for even more rubber to be shot their way.

You see the Chicago Blackhawks may have figured something out to beat the Boston Bruins. Three points that Coach Q has identified and had his troops working hard throughout the game with the Bruins coming back twice from being down two goals and putting the game into overtime. With 9:51 left in the first OT Brent Seabrook blasted a shot from the right side to beat Tuukka Rask to send the series back to Chicago all tied up at 2 games apiece.

Now what Coach Q had planned worked well most of the game, it was only when the Hawks stopped skating (clue here) that the Bruins got back into the game. As Rask stated after the game, ” It is a 10 goal game after three, so I think both teams are kind of like not playing the best defensively, it was like attack, attack and hope that the other team makes a mistake, Today it was us!” Maybe not the greatest idea for the Bruins to get into this type of a game as the Hawks have potential goal scores on nearly every line.

With the Hawks down in the series 2-1 before game 4 started Coach Q laid out 3 things that his team needed to do to come out on top, so here they are.

1st plan was to have his forwards get on the Bruins defence a lot quicker then in games two and three, and I mean on them real quick. Bickell nailed Chara a couple of times  and Sharp, Saad, Shaw and company were in the defense mens faces most of the night.

2nd plan was to get more traffic in front of  Rask and hammer away at the second and third opportunities and not allow the Bruins defense to clear any attempts away.

3rd plan was to have the 5 man unit move up the ice together and attack the Bruins end all in one motion. The Hawks defense needed to be part of the attack and be involved even if they were to shorten the bench to using 5 dmen in the third and into OT.

So there you have it Coach Q’s 3 points he laid out to his team prior to the game and for the most the players did their part but also with a little luck too. Both goalies were not on their game and I think we all expected that to to come into play sooner or later, maybe not on the same night but it is what it is right. Don’t expect that again in game 5 as I think the tenders will bear down. As for another game plan from Coach Q I don’t think they can move away from it too much and with the Bruins now going into Chicago, they should expect even more pressure from the Hawks forwards, so that means Coach Julien better draw up a game plan even better than his counterpart. Should be interesting for sure and exciting at the same time, I can’t wait how you guys?

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye