Bruins vs Leafs 3

If you go back in history there are many who have said that the impossible can not be done. That to conquer a giant you will need a plan of action, you will need to be on the top of your own game and truly you will need the ‘Gods’ to be watching over you as you go into battle.

After a well fought, well planned of attack displayed by the Toronto Maple Leafs last night you only now might think that the ‘Hockey Gods’ are ready to make some history once again.

You see it was back in 1942 when the once mighty Leafs of the NHL  came back from being down 3-0 in games against the Detroit Red Wings and win 4 straight to move on in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I’m NOT predicting this will be history repeated again by this Toronto team but only advising of the history that is involved.

What we are seeing here in this well played, very exciting series is a young team who are coming into their own.  No matter of the outcome of tonight’s  game 7 the ‘Buds’ have shown the rest of the league that they are moving in the right direction.

This series also is showing that the Bruins may well be tired looking and a little frustrated with the play of some of the ‘well-known’ players who also seem to be frustrated just not with themselves but with trying to put the puck past that damn goalie at the other end of the rink. That goalie being Jamie Reimer, who has stepped up his play and may as well have stopped the critics of second guessing themselves about bringing in a veteran goalie which they all thought was needed.

This series is also showing us what the meaning of redemption really is. As last night the hero was non other than Captain Phaneuf who a fortnight ago was label by those same critics of being a goat who made a bad play and cost the game in overtime to have the Leafs fall to 3-1 in games. But now as Captain Phaneuf gets credited with the first goal and who showed no mercy to himself and others around him, that he was not going to be one who ends this remarkable run, no, no he like any good captain shouldered the blame then took matters in his own hands and dealt the Bruins a mighty blow!

From what we saw in last night’s game we need to see the same or again even more from the ‘Blueshirts’ and that will not be a very easy task at all.

The Good

- Coach Carlyle’s game plan and his ability to have his players leave the last game behind, win or lose, move on and play another day attitude.

- Leafs defence all around is getting better. Love the coverage in front of Reimer, as you see all 5 Leafs collapse in front of him to clear traffic and the puck.

- Youth movement paying off. Quote from Ryan O’Byrne, ” I didn’t realize how much youth there is, skilled young really good players that seem, in this playoffs, to be really coming into their own as players. After the loss in game 1 you saw players elevate their game to that next level, that;s real exciting for this organization.”

The Bad

- Faceoffs or the lack of winning them. Something must be done in the future.

- Though the giveaways and takeaways have been reduced and even the Bruins have lead in that area for the last two games, this is where the young Leafs need to be very careful of.

The Ugly

- After this two close games there isn’t much ‘ugly’ going on, some well played hockey by both teams.

Additional Thoughts from the Coach

Not much else to say, except whatever the outcome of game 7 this has been one heck of a series and a great way to forget a 9 nine year wait from playoff hockey.

Sit back and enjoy, it should be a dandy!

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye