Hockey Fights

Can the world hockey news get anymore depressing? My goodness with the tragic deaths of a hockey team from a plane crash to the three young men coming to their end I must ask myself, What Now? I can understand why some folks don’t bother reading the world news or turning on the television to watch the local news and sports as all we hear or see is the tragic things that go on in the world around us, but…today is a new day!

The sun is shining and we all must go on to fight another battle as they say (I still like to know who’They’ are?) anyway I digress. I guess what I’m trying to say is I know there must be good news out there for the hockey world and reading the local paper this morning I came across a good article that makes me say, finally someone is seeing the light!

The article is about a past NHL player who had well over 300 fights and was also not a bad goal scorer when he wasn’t protecting the likes of Guy Lafleur or Guy Carbonneau of the great Montreal Canadians teams of the ‘80’s.

The player went through a lot as he was playing and had 30 plus surgeries to prove that he did his job well. So well that when he retired he needed pain killers to ease what was left of his hands and shoulders due from injuries. Here lies the problem. When you need to take these type of pain killers all the time you become accustomed to keep taking them even after the playing days are over, then Bam look out you are addicted. You need them just to soothe some light pain and then you need to wash them down with a cold beer which you’ve been having after games for years….you getting the point now!! It’s all down hill from there.

As you read further into the article of this player you will find out he was stronger then most or his ‘will’ to live was stronger. He had a purpose. Maybe the others didn’t feel that they had a reason for continuing on, we will never know but what others (NHL) need to do, and I know they are trying, is that there has to be more awareness for these players on what they wish to do after their careers are done. You have to remember all these players have been pampered all their playing lifes and some haven’t had to do a lot for themselves so if there isn’t help right now to get them focused onto something else when their done it’s going to be pretty hard for them when it is all done (their career).

When you have another minute today or this week check out the article that I’m talking about. It was written by Denis Poissant and you can read it at By the way if you haven’t guessed who this player is, well get his story at

By Warren Nye,
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September 10th, 2011