Stanley Cup

Ok for whatever reason the Toronto Maple Leafs did not want to listen to anything I had said in my pre-series article What’s It Going To Take To Defect The Bruins?  That’s ok I can understand, what the heck do I know, right? Well the only thing I do know is this, it will be a very short series if the ‘Buds’ don’t turn things around quickly here, that’s for sure.

I don’t want be a downer here but come on boys, where’s the Leafs we all came to love over this past shortened season? WELL……

If it wasn’t for James Reimer making some great saves over the game I’m pretty sure the score could have well been in the double digits…geez folks this isn’t what we had planned for.

So let’s go over some things we all saw in the game that the ‘Blue-shirts’ need to correct before game two shall we.  And I know Coach Carlyle will be going over and over these points until the ‘cows come home’  As Coach Carlyle said, ” I just thought that we self-destructed”   can’t put it any better.

TURNOVERS -  Way to many in all three zones by guys who weren’t doing them through the regular season

MORE SHOTS - When you hit the halfway mark of the third period and Boston has over 35  shots well something ain’t right.

OUT WORKED - Lost nearly every one and one battle down low in both ends of the rink

TOP PLAYERS - Must show up to play even if you have a 6’9″ giant (insert #33 Chara here) beside you.  Now it isn’t Phil ‘The Thrill’ Kessel  fault as much as I wonder why he wasn’t played more often?

PENALTIES - You can play tough and smart, you can’t play without having discipline which the Leafs lacked

Now like I said I don’t want be a  ‘Debbie Downer’  so I will also point out  some things that the Leafs did really well and will have to continue to do s0.

FACEOFFS - Leafs win this 29 to 22 but will need to continue this trend. Bozak was at 60% while Bergeron was at 56%

HITS - It was close, but maybe the thinking is if they keep hitting the Bruins this might wear them down, final tally was 34 to 30 for the Leafs.

BLOCKED SHOTS - Leafs did a good job at this but I did see a couple of times where Kosta would turn while the shot was been fired. Hey man it’s playoff hockey, you have to blocked everything! Pay the price its that simple!

FOURTH LINE - When the 4th lines were out I thought the Leafs line showed they belonged, keep up the good work.

Coach’s Changes:

Here is where, if there is any changes to be made (there better be) I would make in the personal. Bring in Ryan O’Byrne for Kosta on the back end and for the front end switch up McLaren for Frattin. The Leafs need more speed up front as these Bruins are a lot faster then they make people believe. Another change that might happen but won’t, is the change  on the ‘Tenders of the Twine’  maybe just a hunch here but probably a very long shot.

So there you have the Coach’s views on game one between the Leafs and Bruins, pretty simple if you ask me. The Leafs will need to reach down deep and get back to basics and come out on Saturday night in ‘Beantown’ with a lot more vigor and fire or like I said it will be a very short playoff series for Leaf Nation Fans especially after waiting for it for 9 long years.

Until next time.

See you after the game

Coach Nye