Watch Hockey on TV

As we sit here between playoff games I don’t know about you all but man I wish this hockey season and Stanley Cup Playoffs would get over with.

Wow I can’t believe that just came out of my own mouth but you know what, it’s all true and I bet I’m not the only die-hard hockey fan who is saying, or at least thinking the same thing (but has the ‘pucks’ to say it out loud).

You see the whole problem I have is that the hockey season goes on too long, then there is too much down time between games for the finals, simple as that!

We just finished watching the ‘Futures’ play in the Memorial Cup here in Canada, while over in Europe the Worlds just got done and the KHL just crowned their champion, Moscow Dynamo. We also have players in the NHL talking about moving onto other teams with the free agency and all the other ‘mumble jumble’ that will be going on way after the playoffs are finally done. Then on top of all that you have a team in the south that doesn’t know if it’s coming or going (that would be Phoenix, the Dry Heat State), several teams who don’t know who there coaches will be or who they want them to be, management types being traded to other teams (what the heck is all that about?!) and a league who doesn’t want to play ball in the corporate room with the NHLPA so we all know what that means (enjoy your hockey now because there isn’t any coming by Oct) plus, plus on top all of this we have one of the greatest defenceman decide to call it a career, which to me my hockey friends has been one of the most outstanding career’s there ever has been (that being Nicklas Lidstrom, a true super player more importantly a very classy man).

Then once the Stanley Cup Playoffs do eventually finish we have a few days off and then we get into the NHL Draft, (oh I forgot there was the NHL combine for the draftees, silly of me to forget).

So I ask you, where does the madness stop? Or does it really stop? Because I really think it’s a trick or even better a plot against us normal folks who really want a real life but get sucked into this other world of sports, TV, idealism and make belief, star struck meaningful of ‘something, something’.

Ya that’s it. That’s what it’s all about, you betcha it is! Its a plot by the ‘Big Corporations like the NHL, NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball and all their partners in crime like Coke, Pepsi, all the major Beer Brands and so forth and so forth, its just bloody well endless isn’t it?

The non-sport fan sits back and tells us, relax its only sports, there is so much more out in the world to enjoy!

Like a walk in the park (golf). Riding your bike (Tour De France), roller blading (in-line hockey), swimming (Olympics in June), or even better a nice drive in the country (Indy Races). Oh this is really helping isn’t it!!

Awe come on lets face it we sports junkies are exactly that, sports junkies. If there is a hockey game in the middle of June we watch it right, so lets stop complaining about the longevity of the season and sit back and enjoy it, heck we could be sitting inside on a rainy day with no power on and really be bored out of our minds…..wait there is always tiddly-winks to play, GAME ON!

By Warren Nye,
June 2nd, 2012