CHL Union

AHH! What a great day for hockey! a famous quote by one of my favourite all-time coaches, Bob ‘Badger’ Johnson.

But really is it?

I mean if you have been sleeping in a cave for over the past few months you must be starting to wonder if there will be any good hockey playing this coming season.

The NHL players and owners aren’t seeing eye to eye over their situation and there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of that tunnel.

Then now I scan over the local paper and see that the CHL which combines the OHL, WHL and the QMJHL into one league is talking about unionizing the players? My goodness what will someone think of next? I know the CHL is ‘Big Business’ now and more and more corporations are getting involved in the game but come on these players are just kids, right? This is their full-time job for most and going to school can be second fiddle for some but again I stress, these are just kids.

In fact, I bet you all that most of the players in the CHL have never heard of this union to be started up. The boys are more interested in training for their camps and ‘hanging’ with their friends, let alone thinking or getting involved in a union.

I’m not saying there is nothing wrong with the idea as I have known several players who have gotten not a good deal playing in the OHL and after they were all finished received ‘Buckus!’ nothing in support and that my friends is all wrong.

Well in the Coach’s opinion, which really means nothing I guess but here you have it anyway, ” I would tread lightly going into this new venture boys because remember besides who owns the teams (Big Business) guess who starts these unions up? You got it! ‘Big Businesses’. Can it be a win win situation? I guess we will find out!

CHL Players in Works

By Warren Nye,
August 21st, 2012