Kanes goal game 5

They say it takes a pretty big play or event to happen that will make someone reach their great potential, well I think we are seeing this happening now in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals.

Patrick Kane said it the best after last night’s 3-1 win over the Boston Bruins. ” It’s exciting to be in this situation again, This is what you wait for all year, all summer and when you’re training throughout the year, this is what you work for, this opportunity. We’ve got to seize the moment and take advantage of it.”

A true statement made by a true champion and Mr. Clutch when called upon.

Kane’s second goal

But let’s not get carried away here. We all know the Boston Bruins will not lay down and roll over and play dead for the Hawks. The Bruins are a good home team and they won’t panic, Coach Julie won’t allow it and the ‘Big Boys’ of the team won’t either. But they will have to do some different things to make this series go back to Chi-town for game 7. Let’s take a look at what this Coach thinks the Bruins will need to do.

Point One 

I’m going to state the obvious here for this point. STOP KANE, that’s if you can. As we know when a goal scorer becomes hot they get a feeling in their hands and legs that nothing is going to stop them and that is exactly what Kane is feeling.

Point Two

Boston’s scores must start scoring themselves simple right. Here is what I’m talking about.


Let’s start with Milan Lucic who had only 2 shots on net but did seem to hit everyone in sight with 8 hits. Then there is Nathan Horton again with only 2 shots and no hits which is understandable as he has a shoulder injury and probably shouldn’t be playing let alone trying to shoot the puck. Both these guys were a -2 also, not good. The third guy who needs to get his juices going is young Tyler Seguin. I know he has been on the third line but he still has to get things going or that good ‘ol Leafs trade everyone for Phil Kessel is looking a lot better for the Leafs (sorry fans had to put that in). Seguin came up with zero and with only one 1 shot and 1 hit. And lastly Patrice Bergeron. Getting hurt and then leaving the game to be driven to the hospital, well this doesn’t look good for the Bruins.

Point Three

Just my suggestion here but if Chara and Lucic would just not worry about Hawks Bickell and get back to playing their game then maybe that might be a way of stopping Mr. Clutch or not? They seem to be more interested in banging and hacking Bickell then anything which is fine but doing this allows the Hawks to ‘shake n do their groove’ thing. And now that Captain Serious Toews seems to be hurting as well, the Bruins will need to really set their sights on Kane and watch also for the likes of  Sharp, Kruger, Bolland and Hossa to step it up too.

Ok so we have 3 points here that at least if the Bruins could do at least one of these we should see a game 7 back in Chicago on Wednesday but if the Bruins don’t then we are heading to a summer of  ’What if’s’ for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye