By Conor Doherty, Special to the UHS
Star Factory Fitness | Pro Hockey Training

The internet is scattered with programs that are claiming to be the best thing going.  The more you look into the products out there, the more you see how much junk is floating around.  Hockey players are a very unique group as they are athletes that perform their craft on ice, with skates on, which provides a completely different dynamic to their craft.  What’s more, the youth and adolescent ages are a time for players to be given good advice on how to train and not advice that could derail their growth as athletes.


That’s the reason I put together “Youth Hockey Training” and “Junior Hockey Training”.  I’ve read through many programs out there that just aren’t specific to players at the younger ages, like 8-12 and the teenage years.  These are athletes with specific requirements to make sure that their athletic performance is not hindered by being given programs that are made for either  bodybuilders or professional athletes.  There are many tools out there, that for the most part are just overhyped and players, coaches, and parents are believing the hype and seeing these tools or gimmicks as must-haves for their kids.


Youth Hockey Training was made with one goal in mind, to give younger athletes, in particular hockey players, sound advice on what types of training they should focus on, if they do choose to train off the ice at all.  Many kids, let alone active hockey players, around the ages of 8-13 can barely handle their own body weight when performing certain exercises.  Yet what we see in today’s age of instant gratification is players, coaches, and parents wanting to do what they see professional athletes doing.  This is a huge problem because not only are these kids not physically mature enough for these types of exercises, but the chances of injury are increased by a huge amount.


In Youth Hockey Training as well as Junior Hockey Training, each player is taken through how to properly do the most important aspects of a workout.  Each workout starts with a foam rolling session in order to properly prepares the player’s body and muscles for what lies ahead.  The manual explains all the benefits of self-myofascial release, or foam rolling, so that the player can see why this aspect of a workout is so important and beneficial to their long-term success.  Next, the player is taken through a dynamic warmup so that their muscles and CNS have been properly activated and made ready for the specific movements that each body part is going to experience in each workout.


What most players will look for in a workout or training system is the strength training aspect and what it can accomplish for them.  What I’m really proud of in this system is that it makes sure that players are going through and working on the basic fundamental movements, with their own bodyweight first, to make sure down the road they can handle more advanced exercises, that will require proper control of the entire body to perform without getting injured.


The point of Youth Hockey Training, Junior Hockey Training, and Pro Hockey Training is to build off of one another.  From the very basic movements, all the way to the advanced exercises and techniques that professional players perform, The Complete Hockey Training System doesn’t leave any stone unturned.


To ensure that today’s player is working on becoming a healthy athlete and can move properly to improve their performance, mobility drills specific to the needs of hockey players are also included.  Mobility is just that, specific.  In order to perform certain movements and do them well, a player needs to practice putting their body parts through their range of motion, as well as trying to improve how well a body part can move around a certain joint.  For a hockey player, working on ankle mobility, hip mobility, and thoracic spine mobility is crucial to ensuring maximum performance in specific hockey tasks like skating, accelerating, shooting, and changing directions as fast as possible.


To top off The Complete Hockey Training System, it would unwise not to touch on proper nutrition.  Hockey players are athletes that needs proper nourishment in order to perform at their best, whether it be a workout or a game.  Learning how to properly fuel the body in order to perform at the highest level possible, is what hockey player need to learn.  Without proper nutrition in place, a player’s hard work in the gym will very often produce results that are subpar at best.  That’s why Hockey Nutrition is such an important piece to the hockey training puzzle.  It’s actually the piece that brings everything together and makes this system so complete.


The Complete Hockey Training System is not a gimmick.  It is a complete program designed with a player’s long-term development in mind.  It focuses on providing the player with the information they need and the proper programming to ensure that they have a successful hockey career and stay injury-free.

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