Corey Perry is Determined

Well the NHL just had their awards night and the big winner in my eyes was Corey Perry and why not!

He is player a coach loves to have, just not for his scoring ability (man can he score!) but he doesn’t mine getting his nose dirty either (104 pims 2010-11 season). Speaking of getting your nose dirty, that is exactly where Corey likes to go to get it done, in front of the net. Most scouts say that Corey’s goals come from 80% in that area. Always with his head up and stick down he finds his way to the front and wham bam off his stick and the puck is in the net. Having 98 points for the pass season and also winning the ‘Rocket Richard’ trophy this year for most goals (50, the magical number still!) Corey is showing us all he is only getting better and better with age.

I’m not sure a lot of you know that Corey Perry had predicted that one day he would be on TV playing professional hockey but he did. Growing up he used to watch the NHL on TV with dad and mom (Geoff and Nancy) and at the age of 3 while holding his mini-stick and watching the game he turned to his mom and said, ”One day I’m going to play for you on TV, mom’.

Growing up along with his younger brother Adam who played alongside him with the London Knights’ 2005 Memorial Cup winning team, Corey was creating a name for himself then and it wasn’t just on the ice. Corey was always helping out in London in the community says assistant GM Jim McKellar, ‘Corey is a very personable guy who has a great sense of humour. He’s so great with the fans, young and old. He is very accommadating and never said no if we asked him to go to the hospital or a autograph session, Corey was great. He was a ideal ambassador for the Knights and the OHL’. Now still living in London in the off season, Corey has created a charitable foundation called, ‘The Corey Perry: A Round for a Cure Golf Tournament’ which has raised well over $100,000 for the Wellspring London and Region Cancer Support Centre ( What a accomplishment at such a young age!

I could on and on about Corey and his stats in the NHL and what he has accomplished along the way (Stanley Cup, Memoraial Cup, Team Canada WJC, Olympic Gold medal 2010) but what I really want to get across to everyone is that Corey did all these things his way, which was through hard work, determination, setting his sights on some goals to achieve and going out every day through practices and games proving he belonged, that my fellow hockey partners is a recipe for success!

By Warren Nye,
Photo by Michael Miller
June 23rd, 2011