Bruins vs Leafs

After long nine years absent from the ‘Big Dance’ the Toronto Maple Leafs have found a dance partner and what a ‘Jig‘ this will be. Come Wednesday night, game one against the Boston Bruins the Leafs will have their hands full and will be in tough against the mighty Bruins.

So with the Bruins record going into the playoffs was an impressive 28-14-6(ot)-24(row) compared to the Leafs at 26-17-5(ot)-26(row) there really isn’t much difference between the two clubs except one, that being the ‘ Buds‘ being a younger team with no playoff experience.

Now the Coach here isn’t making any excuses for the Leafs nor are we thinking the ‘Blue-shirts’ don’t have a shot at an upset against the Bruins because they do and I think this Leafs team will do a lot of damage as they go further along in the playoffs but first they have to do battle with the Bruins.

Going head to head with the two teams this season saw the BB’s win the regular season series 2-1-1 with the one win being an shootout,  so otherwise as I have been saying it’s been close.

But the big question is, ” What’s it going to take for the Leafs to beat the Bruins? “ let’s break it down a bit here and get the inside track on how this can be done?

Bruins Review:

If they can play an discipline game for a full 60 minutes they are hard to beat. Very large players who have great skill and can hang onto the puck. Great face-off team so controlling the puck is always a gimme.

Not totally committed to playing the full 60 minutes as they should be, late starters of the game so they do seem to be playing catch up a lot. Star players need to show up and play a full game.

Goaltending is a strong point as Bruins Coach Claude Julien doesn’t like to over-use his No.1 through out the regular season so Rask will be sharp but this will be his first real playoff task since Timmy Thomas had left the team and was traded.

If there is any type of down fall with the Bruins is their power play isn’t what it use to be, which by the way was never really any good.

Leafs Review:

Coach Carlyle has 4 things going for him and that is, four lines rolling along and who can be a thorn in anyone’s side on any given night.

By playing the system that Coach Carlyle has installed they can beat about anyone but (Here it comes!) if they stray away from the system and lose composure with stupid penalties then they are in for a short playoff run. They also need to be more aware of giveaways in their own zone especially by their defensemen, if this can be controlled then they have a shot at winning.

What can you say about Jamie Reimer, the kid has stood on his head recently and he will continue to do so if given the lead. The Leafs were 27th in the league with shots against, enough said about Reimer.

With a nine year drought I kind of wonder what we will get from the get go. Really no experience in the ‘second season’ but they can’t use it as an excuse.

The Edge:

Goaltending – Leafs

Forwards – Leafs

Defence – Bruins

Special Teams – Leafs

Coaching – It’s a draw

Coaches Prediction: Leafs in 6 and why you ask? – It’s time for the Leafs to win and they have been proving this more and more throughout the regular season. It will be tough as the Bruins have more experience but what the Bruins don’t have that the Leafs do have is more determination to win this time around. The Leafs will have to play with strict discipline and get on the Bruins early and often to take this series.

It’ playoff hockey now, there is no fooling around, which with any team that Coach Carlyle has had in the past,  you know that won’t happen any time soon.


Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye