Western Conference Championship – Game One 

Kings vs Hawks

Hawks take Game One over the Kings 2 – 1

Sooner or later if you continue to shoot at the net some of those shots will eventually go in and it really helps if you cause a little confusion in front of the net as well.

Well that was exactly what the Chicago Blackhawks game was all about. As Dave Bolland said, ” We have to pepper Quick with shots and get traffic in front of him. We have to work down low and keeping getting bodies to the net.”

It also helps that you have players like Patrick Sharp and big Bryan Bickell going hard to the net and digging in the corners to get the puck back out so they can get opportunity after opportunity of trying to push the puck in behind Kings goalie Jonathan Quick. A good explanation was giving by big forward Bickell, ” We need to get inside and look for our second and third opportunities so then we can crack (Quick) a little bit more.”

It was shown throughout the game that the Hawks game plan was to push the Kings back into the own end and beat them down low along the boards. One of the biggest contributors to this game plan was the play of Bryan Bickell. He did all the spade work for the second and winning goal scored by Marian Hossa, yup that’s right, a deflection from a shot from the point by Keith. Bickell led the way with 6 hits (tied with Seabrook) and 5 shots on net to take control of the play whenever he was on the ice.

Going into game 2 the Kings will need to pick up the pace as they looked to be a bit slower on most shifts and they were  fighting the puck all night too. With the Hawks out shooting the Kings 31-14 by the end of the second it showed us all that the Kings were playing a lot hockey but it was in their own end which over time can mean only one thing, you aren’t winning the battles! That will have to change real quick or the Kings will be falling short of a repeat of Stanley Cup Champions.

GAME DIFFERENCE MAKER:  #29 Bryan Bickell  








Eastern Conference Championship – Game One


Bruins Defect Penguins in Game One 3 – 0

When the going gets tough usually the tough get going as the saying goes but what we saw in the first game between the Boston Bruins against the Pittsburgh Penguins was that some of those tough/good players ran away with their tail between their legs.

What we also saw was the Bruins played a somewhat Penguins type game, while the Pens tried to play a rough ‘n tumble type game like the Bruins usually do. Well it didn’t work out so well for the Pens and I think they need to ‘rethink’ their game plan and get back to their style of play.

The Penguins seemed to be more interested in talking than playing but I think you can give a little bit of that action to Zdeno ‘Redwood’ Chara who was in Sidney Crosby’s kitchen all night and he knew it big time! This threw off Crosby for some reason and he will have to counter attack this for game 2.

It also was happening with Crosbys sidekick Gino Malkin who duked it out at the end of the second period (what’s up with that?) with Bergeron (there’s a heavy weight match for ya!) This situation certainly rattled the big guy as he was pretty ineffective for the rest of the game.

If this was the game plan of the Bruins, to get in the faces of Crosby, Malkin and Iginla then they succeed because as goes those 3 players of the Pens so do all the others.

GAME DIFFERENCE MAKER:   # 33  Zdeno Chara 







Now going into game 2 for both series I think we will see a little bit of a different look from the Kings and the Penguins in both their respected series because if we don’t we will see the Hawks and Bruins fighting the final battle for the Stanley Cup.

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye