Combine NHL 2

I guess if you don’t mind getting poked and squeezed and even yelled at (all positive by the way) then you wouldn’t have any problems being here at the NHL combine and taking part in what good be one of the best draft years in recent times.

Though the top 3 prospects  (Jones, MacKinnon and Drouin) decided to forgo the fitness part of the testing, which they were allowed to do, they were still present to have their measurements taken then they were off to their individual meetings with the NHL teams.

If you have never witness or taken part in a combine then you really are in for a big surprise. These players go through the standard body fat measuring (I’d be out of there real quick!) then all measurements are taken ( weight, height, arms and legs) plus some flexibility measurements and texting  which included bench press, standing long jump and a vertical jump. Then the big testing starts. This is the gruelling bike tests, the Wingate Cycle Ergometer and VO2 Max. The VO2  sounds pretty scarey but the Wingate Cycle is a machine from hell!

As some players have called it “Hell Bike” gives you the peak power output test which is short and painful. It measures the explosive ability of the player. A all out sprint for 30 seconds, like I said a bike ride from hell.

Combine 2013

The VO2 Max test the endurance of the player and it checks out the capability of the players heart, Lungs and muscles. With a breathing tube attached to the players mouth they peddle away for as long as they can at different speeds, lasting up to 14 minutes as did Swedish defenseman Hampus Lindholm did last year.

After all the physical testing and poking and prodding are completed the players are off to their meetings with the NHL teams who have asked to see them, which are all coordinated by the NHL prior to this week. So if a NHL team wants to speak with a certain player they must submit his name to the NHL prior to the combine week. What I found very interesting is the interview with Dave Poulin, VP of Hockey Operations with the Toronto Maple Leafs, who explained certain events and activities that the players will go through or have already done. So have a look at Dave Poulin Interview *

If you every do get a chance to go to one of these NHL combines or any other that are similar, take that opportunity up and you will see what these young athletes must go through to reach their own ultimate dream,…playing in the NHL.

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See you after the game,

Coach Nye


*Thanks to Leafs TV