bruins winning ot goal game 3

Can it be too little too late or it’s just not enough that we could use either one of those statements for the Pittsburgh Penguins after last nights overtime loss to the Boston Bruins.  I really think it’s a little of both.

As I write this, with bloodshot eyes because of the lack of sleep (just think how the Pens feels!) I’m curious of what really is being said in the back rooms of the Penguins franchise? Accusations must be flying around softly enough that only a few can hear them but it might be going like this. Why isn’t Sid producing? Why does Iggy look like he is lost out there? Where is Neal, Dupuis, Kunitz and Letang our secondary scorers? What about Gino too, at least last night he looked like he was putting the effort in but come on? And how about the coach, Is he getting out coached, again? Finally guys what about the ” Flower” he isn’t the same goalie we drafted or won the other cup with is he? He looks like he doesn’t want to go back in the net at all does he?  I ask you all what the hell is going on?

Funny thing is the suit ‘n ties up in the luxury suites watching their poor Penguins play like a peewee team don’t have the answers or if they do they are too embarrassed to say anything at this time. Or is the basic fact that is lying right in front us all, that the Boston Bruins are a more talented team in all areas and they have the control of this series because they had a game plan going into it all? Hmmmm, does this also mean that the Bruins have a better head coach at this moment? a more disciplined team? Still more questions to be answered I guess but will they be?

bruins score game 3

I never like to kick anyone especially when they are down but the one thing I do know is this questions or concerns are out there in‘ Penguin Land’ and just like anyone else the fans need to know. I mean really how can a team who played so well through the shorter season, was in first place, went through a couple of tough series before this major breakdown in round 3, just explain to me how this can be? because I don’t have an answer (shocking isn’t it?)

Now after last nights 2OT where the Pens actually was playing well enough to win and competing hard against the Bruins I would think there will be a lot of players in the Pens dressing room will be trying to recoup gathering their own thoughts on the matter and finally asking themselves why or how come? Well maybe they should be asking themselves this question instead, What am I going to do to turn this around? because the only thing left for the Pen players to do now is look in the mirror at themselves and ask not why but how?

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye