Wayne Gretzky Stanely Cup

No better to learn from ‘The Great-One’  Wayne Gretzky. His passing skill was one of his trade marks. Here is a few Tips from Gretzky:

  • If the player you are passing to is standing still make sure you make a firm solid pass.
  • If the player is moving fast then make a light ‘feather’ pass. Make sure you get it out ahead of him so he can skate into the pass.
  • Always practice your backhand passing as much as you practice your forehand.
  • Use plenty of tape on the blade of your stick, this allows to get more control on your passes and shots and it enables you to pass the puck flatter (along the ice).
  • Don’t watch your pass, go to where you want the player you just passed to, to pass or shoot the puck back to you or on net, then you can get the rebound or tip it in.
  • To make a nice ‘Saucer Pass’ start the puck near the ‘heel’ of your blade and then roll it towards the ‘toe’ of your blade. This will spin the puck that creates a saucer-like path to the player. You will also need to keep the blade of your stick open and gently make the pass, you actually are trying to aim the hell of the blade to your target – Give it a try!

Below are friends from M2M will demostrate some passing techniques as well.

By Warren Nye, UltimateHockeySource.com
February 26th, 2012