Toews with Stanley Cup


Don’t you love it when a plan works!

Hockey history changed in less than 18 seconds!

Winning is a attitude!

Hockey Gods do not forget!

All these headlines and many more were and had been used in the past 12 hours to describe the final game of the 2013 Stanley Cup Championship. But the one which stands out for me wasn’t even written. It might go along these lines.

‘”Champions Are Made Upon the Shoulders of Past Champions.”

Hey Coach you ask, What do you mean on that statement? Allow me to explain.

From the roster of the 2010 Hawks to the 2013 Champs you had nine players who now have won 2 Stanley Cups. While two of those players ( Bryan Bickell and Corey Crawford-3rd string ) were spare parts to the 2010 Cup winners. But of those 7* winners in 2010 you have some dominate players in the whole NHL.

*2010 Cup Winners                                                                **2013 Cup Winners

                                                               Total points

Patrick Kane – 28 in 22 games                                                  - 19 in 23 games

Bryan Bickell – 1 in 4 games                                                       – 17 in 23 games

Marian Hossa – 15 in 22 games                                                 – 16 in 22 games

Patrick Sharp – 22 in 22 games                                                 – 16 in 23 games

Jonathan Toews – 29 in 22 games                                           – 14 in 23 games

Duncan Keith – 17 in 22 games                                                 – 13 in 22 games

Dave Bolland – 16 in 22 games                                                  - 6 in 18 games

Nik Hjaimarsson – 8 in 22 games                                              - 5 in 23 games

Brent Seabrook – 11 in 22 games                                              - 4 in 23 games

Corey Crawford – Didn’t play-3rd stringer                           – GAA 1.84  W-16/L-7/0T-2/SO-1



What GM Stan Bowman did was keep his core roster and rebuilt a championship team back together in a matter of 3  years, that is a accomplishment in itself. The players he did bring in were players who were hungry for a championship of their own. Players like Michal Handzus, Viktor Stalberg, Michal Frolik, Johnny Oduya and Michal Rozsival plus limited role players such as Jamal Myers, Brandon Pirri and back up goalie Ray Emery. These players all had contributed through out the shorten season to get the Hawks to where they are today.

What we witnessed last evening and through out the play-off’s was a team destined to be winners. As they started the 2012-13 campaign season with at least a point in the first 24 regular season games, ending up in first place and then going into the play-offs as being the favourite to win it all. With a shaky series against the Red Wings and then busting free the Hawks won again in round 3 taking out the defending Stanley Cup Champions the LA Kings. Then in the 2013 Finals down 2-1 in games the experience and the will to win attitude broke free again to defect the 2011 Stanley Cup winners, the Boston Bruins who by the way showed tremendous character and grit through out the play-offs. But as Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask was quoted saying, “We’ve done it to somebody else, We got to feel how it feels on the other side.”

Plus this, “We know it’s going to be close and we know how thin the margin is between winning and losing. We’ve been on the right side of that coin, as well. That’s what makes this sport great, but it’s pretty devastating when you’re on the wrong side of it, for sure.”

If you listen closely to other’s in the hockey world or scan all the hockey bloggers and local scribes out there you will hear now a possibility of a Chicago dynasty? In this day of economical challenging times for NHL teams and the ‘New’ CBA (don’t get me going on that now!) I can hardly see any type of long term dynasty happening but what I can see happening is that Chicago could come back next year for another run at Lord Stanley and then after that another  rebuild would be in motion. This also could be the same mixed intentions of the Boston Bruins going into the 2013-14 season and beyond.

NHL.com -Toews mic’d -Accepting Stanley Cup

But what I take from this year’s shorten season and the run of play-off games we just witnessed is that the NHL has a few problems to face and figure out (but what company doesn’t?) and here comes the big BUT (hey, not mine ok) is the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins deservingly showed us all that they know how to build winning teams and be in the Cup Finals. As well the Chicago Blackhawks also showed us what a amazing team they do have and what an amazing finish to a great year!

Up next for the NHL will be the 2013 NHL Draft. Stay tuned for what I believe will be a great draft with a view surprises along the way.

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye