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Ok I want the truth from you all, who called in sick today to work so you could watch Sports Desk and all the action on Trade Deadline? Well let me tell you that sure was a waste of time now wasn`t it?

After hours of verbal harassment from the local sportscasters, who tried to be either to funny or were just plain boring, the bell finally rang at 3pm eastern and the agony was done, at least for another year anyway!

But what was ok with me was that there wasn`t anything outrageously done by the Toronto Maple Leafs, like getting a goalie who cost to much (Hello, my contract sucks Luongo ) or another tender who plans on retiring at the end of the year, maybe (that being Kiprusoff of Calgary Flames). I have nothing against these two fine goaltenders but what I do have a problem with is this.

One of my Twitter messages to Leaf Nation after all was said and done!
coachnye2:12pm via Web

UHS LEAFS WATCH-Best move the Leafs made today was-NOTHING!- Lets go Reimer and Scrivens show them the way!

Why bother looking for a goalie when you have two very respectfully talented, younger one`s in their line up already?

There I said it. My 2 reasons for why the Leafs were very quite today, well a little quite because GM Nonis did do a little move by obtaining defenceman Ryan O`Byrne from the Colorado Avalanche in return for a fourth round draft choice in 2014.

Mr. O`Byrne (I call anyone who is over 6`5“ Mr.) is a tough stay at home defender who has already register 76 hits, 49 blocks shots, one goal, 4 points in 34 games. Sounds like a Randy Carlyle type player I would say.

Originally drafted by the Canadiens in the 2003 draft (79th over all), O`Byrne will drop the mitts if needed but plays tough where usually he isn`t bothered by others. He is a UFA at the end of this season so we are most likely looking at him as a rental for this season and to help the Leafs get past the first round of the playoffs. O`Byrne isn`t a game changer but will give the Buds some solid minutes and help with the PK along the way.

Now back to the other reason why I had a hard time with the Leafs trying to bring in another goalie for this season. I just don`t understand why? Won`t this hurt some of the chemistry that the team has built up? Won`t it leave a bad taste in the two young tenders that the Buds have?  Well I will tell you one thing, both Jamie Reimer and Ben Scrivens will take the high road with the press and and with the rest of the public eye,  because they are both classy guys and respected by their team mates, enough said!

I for one am looking forward to the last 12 games in the regular season for the Leafs and then their first run at the playoffs since 2004 and I know with the troops they have they will be making Leaf Nation proud!

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye