At UHS we look endlessly for new or improved ways to help you guys, the hockey players, to get better on the ice and off. If it isn’t new products we bring you it’s going to be new ways to train to get you all to the next level.

NOW don’t get the wrong impression, Coach Nye is not selling anything here to help himself but what we are bringing you is an opportunity to help yourself and in a BIG way.

Today I had the opportunity to chat with David Pollitt of  DP Hockey . For a quarter century Coach Dave has been helping ice hockey players get to the next level with his comprehensive dry-land training methods. He is internationally recognized as THE ice hockey dry-land training expert, and through DP Hockey Coach Dave has coached thousands of players at all levels who can testify that his training programs are the penultimate in dry-land training.

Coach Dave Pollite

As Coach Dave mentioned, “ My dry-land training programs have stood up to decades of testing at all levels hockey, including the NHL. Anyone who’s serious about their development and willing to do the work can make it to the next level. Just ask the thousands of players I’ve coached over the last quarter century.”

What UHS Coach Nye wanted to talk with Coach Dave about is his new Book that he has written called DRYLAND.  It  is the definitive book on the subject of dry-land training for ice hockey. There is nothing else like it, and no other Coach who could have written it.  Click Here-Dryland to get your copy today.

In a ‘ nutshell’  here is what the book is all about:


Hockey strength & conditioning expert Dave Pollitt takes the reader through the most comprehensive manual ever written on the subject of physical training for hockey. This fully illustrated reference provides both the theory and practical information for coaches, players, trainers and teams to make the most of dry-land training

Dryland book

  • Over 650 images detailing every exercise.
  • Tables and diagrams of on and off-ice exercises and drills.
  • Sample off-season and in-season training programs.
  • More than 75 ice hockey conditioning workouts.
  • Methods of testing for peak performance.
  • Tools to design your own yearly training plan.
  • Tips for developing your own Mental preparation plan.
  • Improving grip development for increased shot power.
  • Workouts for enhanced on-ice speed & agility training.
  • Improve flexibility to reduce the chance of injuries.
  • Recovery methods used by the pros to bounce back from tough training and games.
  • Olympic & kettle bell lifting chapters for maximal power development.

And so much more to find out in this book, you got to get it and get it now before it’s to late and training camps get going.

So take the time to check out Coach Dave’s own site DP Hockey  and all the information you need to be the best you can be.

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye