Well I am sure glad now that someone was listening to me from the Toronto Maple Leafs  organization since my little rant after game one All Bruins In Game One  (I know no one did but let me have my believes ok!)

What the Leafs showed last night is exactly what everyone who follows hockey had said they needed to do and that was, the ‘Big Dogs’ need to show up and play, and play they did. With Joffrey Lupul showing the way along with Phil ‘The Thrill’ Kessel the Leafs played a little cat and mouse with the Bruins starting with Coach Carlyle not showing his true hand in the warm ups of line combinations and then once the game became throwing out different combinations so quickly that the ‘Big Z’ didn’t know what to do,  stay on or come off the ice. In my humble opinion and one of the winning points of the game was that Coach Carlyle out coached Bruins coach Claude Julien but I’m just stating the fact here.

Ok now lets take a close look at some great points of last nights game shall we, here we go.

The Good

- As mentioned,  the big players showed up to play and your secondary players contributed as well.

- Good player replacements bringing in defence pair Jake Gardiner, Ryan O’Byrne and forwards Matt Frattin and Ryan Hamilton. You brought in some creativity, speed and kept the toughness in the lineup. I  don’t see any changes going back to Toronto.

- James Reimer made the big save when needed and continued his fine play.

- Keeping the game simple. Getting pucks deep past the Bruins defence and using the speed to generate offence. Team management of the puck when they had control, good job of this.

- Staying tough but not losing the composure after the whistles.

The Bad

- As well as Reimer played there was some stops he made that he let out to many rebounds, needs to tighten up in that area

- Captain Phaneuf needs to control himself and start playing like we know how he can. He is a player who sometimes tries to do too much and when he does that,  it really shows.

- Though I hate to see MacArthur out of the lineup,  he will need to get his playing act together or he will be sitting for a while.

- Still some players trying to be too cute with the puck in the wrong areas of the ice. Kadri can not play ‘tipsy-doodle’ with the puck along either blue line this only results in bad giveaways.

The Ugly

- Learn to keep the ‘Big Mo’ going. That is hard for young teams especially in the playoffs

Additional Coaches Notes

I like the play of Grabovski, Komarov and Orr. When they were on the ice with their linemates they showed great  ‘getup n go’. Orr was in the face of Chara while Komarov did the same with Marchand all night, that has to continue for the rest of the series.

Finally the goal of the game and of the series so far. James Van Riemsdyk showed us all what determination and staying with the puck can do with the fourth goal, lets take a look at it.

JVR Highlight Goal

Wow isn’t that something, gotta love it. And you know what else you gotta love is that the series is all tied up at a game apiece and is now heading back to the ‘Big Smoke’ for all Leaf Nation to go crazy and enjoy some playoff hockey!

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye