I am so lucky to be involved in the sporting world! The reason I can say that is, every day I receive emails and texts and phone calls about something that has happened in hockey or other sports. It is usually from parents or other coaches from my past who have a story to tell about a player they just watched or their own kid who had a out standing game or tournament and they just want to share their happiness.

It is a thrill to hear from these folks because it allows me to think about my past and what I went through to get to where I wanted to be in hockey. With determination and hard work anyone can achieve their dreams, that’s what I was always told by my parents and I am a very BIG believer in that statement.

So when I get this kind of email this morning with a message that can be sent to all, to the athlete, to the kid next door, to the employee or even the boss, to a teacher or even in fact to your own kids (always encourage them please!).

That’s what life is all about, KEEP DREAMING!! Have a look and be INSPIRED!!

Inspiring-Keep Dreaming

By Warren Nye, UltimateHockeySource.com