Jay and Dan

Well I’m not too excited this morning when I was told it was true. My two favorite guys who can make sports fun again to watch are leaving. Ya that’s right,  Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole the late night sports duo on TSN are leaving for the ‘Sunshine’ of sports broadcasting of America.

What I want to know who is behind all this?  Were Dan and Jay traded and if so who did we get back in return? This is an outrage I tell you. And worst of all I have heard that they are going to Fox Sports 1, come on, what’s with that?

Anyway, you may say, why you so upset Coach? it’s a couple of guys who think they are funny and they have the best job on the planet, so what?  Well I will tell you why I’m upset, it’s because they were funny and they were true sports guys, that’s why.

But enough of that. I just want to wish all the best to the two ‘Knuckleheads’ of late night TSN Sports Centre  Keep the show alive with your humour and quick wit and pass the goofiness onto our sports friends south of the border!

Here’s a little feature of  ’The Best’ of Jay and Dan, have a watch and a laugh!

The Best of Jay and Dan of TSN

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye