Bruins Conference winners

Have you ever had that sickening feeling in the deepest part of your gut where you think you are going to die right there on the spot but in reality you also know if you had done something about it awhile ago you wouldn’t feel this bad. Or is it that other feeling like you just realized you forgotten the belt for your pants and anytime now they will drop down to your ankles while you are walking down main street and with no place to hide. Pick either one and I bet you that’s how the Pittsburgh Penguins maybe feeling right now depending on which player you speak with.

Let me tell you, I’m still in a bit of shock myself after watching the Boston Bruins take down the Pittsburgh Penguins in 4 straight to win the Eastern Conference Championship. Let me point out this though, take nothing away from the Bruins they played and are playing fantastic hockey, right from goaltender Rask, to the stifling efforts of the Bruins defense and then to the offensive threats of Hornet, Krejci, Bergeron and Lucic plus the heroics of Campbell (what more can you say on him), it was an all team effort no doubt about it.

When you can keep a very offensive team like the Pens to 2 goals in 4 games and keep silent two of the most explosive players in the whole league (Crosby and Malkin), well must goodness you must be doing all things right.

Like I said in my last post Just Not Enough-June 6 2013 there has to be some questions asked after all the dust settles in Penguins land in the next few days and I think the answers will very interesting to hear. We could list them here and give our opinions on what Mr. Shero and company may need or should do but lets face facts I think they already know what needs to be done but we will wait and see.

My other concern and I’m not trying to find excuses here because believe me there will be tons of them coming out of Pittsburgh for the time being. But my concern is this, was Sidney Crosby healthy enough to play? Should he of taken off the face mask protection just because the medical guys said it was ok? Thats like when you wear a knee brace after surgery and then decide not to wear it because it feels better and you were told that eventually you won’t need it but you probably should wear it all the time. I’m not saying it would’ve matter if Crosby wore it not would’ve helped him score some goals but he didn’t look the same out there especially last night.

You know second guessing and saying the Pens should of done this instead of that or even saying Jarome Iginla should of picked Boston over the Pens at the trade deadline, now he is a loser Iginla The Biggest Loser-Toronto Sun 6-6-13 to me that is a pretty bold and dumb statement but what the hell does this coach know anyway, right?

Right now this morning is a very dark place to be if you are a player for the Penguins I would think. Many questions are flying around in your head and really no answers are being made at this point. But when time passes and the Penguins players can reflect and look back on this series, there is one thing for certain they can answer is this, ” maybe when you run into a hot goalie, a defense like no other and an offense that was on top of their game, just maybe you were not to win anyway.”

So the Bruins wait patiently and rest up for the winners of the Kings vs Hawks series and the right for the Stanley Cup while the Pens return home to face the reality and the long summer to come to another end so they can prove to themselves that this past series lost wasn’t really real but just a bad dream…… or was it?

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye