Gary Roberts Hockey Strength Trainer

What are your dreams with playing hockey?

I was always asked this when I was younger playing in the minor hockey system as a kid. Coaches would ask us at the beginning of each season and then we tell them, to make it to the pros, NHL, get to the highest level as possible were always the common remarks. Then the coaches would fire back, do you know what it will take to get there? Hard work, dedication, training hard in the off season, eating properly, all the things you read and hear from the players who have made it. But do you realize that only less then 1% of the players in major Jr A through out the country will ever make it! It isn’t because of the way they trained or the type of player they are. Nor is it that they never got a break or they played out in some rural area that scouts never saw them play, it’s none of that you see. The real reason in many peoples minds is that they were just not good enough to make it to the next level, they weren’t good enough to Take the Next Step!

I’m not sure if that is really the reason(s) for them not to make it but it might have a little to do with it I guess. Any of the players that I have known who have gone onto high levels in hockey have done eveything that was mention above. The dedication to training on and off the ice. The hard work it takes to live right, to eat properly starts at a very young age and you continue to it even after your playings days are done. It’s a way of life as simple as that. ‘If you connot be discipline in doing these very things then you will not make it’ mentioned Gary Roberts when he was interviewed for a article written for the Globe and Mail newspaper from Toronto. I think this man knows what he is talking about since he transformed himself from out of retirement to another 11 years of professional in the NHL, doing all the things we mentioned.

The reason I’m writing about this article is that I come across so many young players who ask, what can I do to make it further in hockey? and I have one young player who in my opinion is on his way to the next level, one to watch for the future someone who I will speak more of in my next article coming soon.

So I ask you all out there, ‘Do you know what it takes to Take The Next Step?’ I hope you do!

By Warren Nye,
November 5th, 2011