One of the most hardest skill to master as you grow up as a hockey player is a hard accurate slapshot. But once you have mastered it and create the proper habits and techniques to taking a proper slapshot it can be part of your game that goalies hate.

You will see from the following video from our friends at M2Hockey that proper technique will allow to shoot the puck properly and accurately and harder as you grow and develop.

Here are some standard teaching tips about the slapshot that are easily used. And remember, to get the best shot on the team all you have to do is practice, practice and more practice!

Slapshot Tips:

  • Bend your knees to get low, most of your strength comes from your legs and lower body.
  • Drop your bottom hand low on the stick
  • Really lean into the shot
  • Hit the ice a couple of inches or so behind the puck
  • Hit the ice further back on a one-timer
  • Keep your head up so you can aim your shot
  • Start with a low back-swing to get the shot off quick
  • Transfer your weight towards the target
  • Keep your stick low on the follow through pointing your stick balde at the target

Well, as mentioned before, with any skill you are trying to develop all it is going to take is repetition and the skill of practicing!

Warren Nye,
February 20th, 2012