Coach Nye Talks Hockey

I have spoken with many hockey equipment manufactures lately and the one thing they mention over and over again is that the NHL is always looking to improve the equipment the pros wear.

So once again the NHL and the committee of game/equipment improvement are forming some focus groups for the looking into the goalie pads that the ‘Keepers of the Twines’ are now wearing. Lets be frank here, the pads that the goalies nowadays are like jumbo marshmellows with designs on them. Plus they are lighter then a feather and wider then a double-door at the grocery store. Come on, I mean have you seen these things up close? There is no wonder only a select few of the goal scorers in the NHL can put the puck past some of these tenders! But I will stop the rant on here about the goalies and the equipment they wear but I will let my colleague Adam Proteau of The Hockey News explain. let’s check it all out.

Sharks GM, Doug Wilson Talks Equipment

Once you have read this article, let’s hear back from you all on your opinions, “Do Goal Scorers have a unfair advantage going up against Goalies these days?”

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Coach Nye

By Warren Nye,
February 9th, 2013