Kings vs Hawks

Did you really think this was going to be that easy for the Hawks?

It certainly looked that way after the first two games played in Chicago as the Hawks seem to dominate every category that a stat man could cover but sometimes stats are just that stats, here is what I mean.

What was the main difference last night compared to the first two games in this Coach’s humble opinion was this, DETERMINATION. It showed in the play from the Kings players and it showed right from the drop of the puck. I’m not saying the Hawks didn’t have the same thing but it was the Kings who had more of it from more players.

As Robyn Regehr mentioned in the post game comments, ” We need the same focus in this game as in all the others we have won, be aware of what has to be done and go out there and execute it.”

Leading the parade of determined LA players was their heart n soul of the team, the master of twines, goalie Jonathan Quick. He put in a showing that would tell us all that he was not going to be denied. He knew there was some goals he let in from the second game that he should of had and was determined not to let it happen again. Stopping 19 of the 20 pucks shot his way, Quick put on a stellar performance, especially in the third where he outsmarted the big Hawk forward Bickell from cashing in the tieing goal.

Besides being determined and needing the win, the Kings started to move their feet again and were quicker tonight to the puck and getting into open areas. Another thing that was totally different from games 1 and 2 in Chicago was that the Kings spent more time in the Hawks end making plays, getting the traffic in front of  Crawford and controlling the Hawks defense in the manner that the Kings have done to so many other teams in last years playoffs.

But the big question is now, can they do it again? Game four is back in La, La Land on Thursday night and the Hawks know so well that what they did last night won’t be happening again under Coach Q if he has anything to do with it but you also have to look at, will the Kings feel now that they are back in this series?  they just need to keep on doing what they are doing. Tough call I feel but it sure will be fun to watch!

Coach Nye’s Pick for the Games  DIFFERENCE MAKER  #32 Jonathan Quick

Quick saves in CHI



Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye