Soft Hands

Soft Hands

UHS-Coach Nye talks New Products in the Hockey Market

As usual UHS with Coach Nye are always seeking out new products to be shown and told about in the hockey community and we have done it again.

Who knew that a simple concept could turn into a great idea and to top it all off the idea comes from a hockey player! Makes sense eh! (He’s part Canadian), a product created by a hockey player for hockey players, brilliant.

The player I’m talking about is Nathan DiCasmirro and the company he founded is Soft Hands Sports. He is the creator of the products we like to share with you all but before we do that here’s a little background on our ‘Mad Scientist Hockey Player/Inventor’. As Nathan puts it, it’s been close to 17 years to come up with the solution and that’s been a great career starting in the USHL-3 years, then 4 years at St. Cloud University (NCAA-D-1), and so far, 10 years as a professional, spanning 6 years in the AHL and another 4 years in Europe .

Nathan mentions that he always used wooden sticks and then the switch came to use the one piece sticks. He realized he had given up one thing for another, shot for feel, so he started his search for the right mix. He tried wood blades and wood sticks as stiff as possible, while the feel was there, his shot and durability of the one piece was gone. Over the last 17 years he has come up with a solution to give him the feel of the wood blade but with the one piece stick and that’s Soft Hands Performance Tape.

What Soft Hands will do is reduce the vibration, as it acts like a cushion. The ‘Cushion’ gives you a better feel which gives you more confidence with puck control and then in turn gives you a better performance.

A patent pending performance tape which gives you the feel and the control that all players want. Each roll of Soft Hands is designed to be applied to both front and back of the blade 8 times each. So 1 roll gives you eight times the use! Using it at the pro level means it has lasted up to one full week of practice, 1-2 hours a day and two games as well. Each player can make the choice of the length of time for use. The clear coat outer layer of Soft Hands is designed  so a player is able to re-tape their stick blade with out removing Soft Hands until you decide its time. Now check out the video with Nathan showing you how to apply. Soft Hands Performance Tape

The other product to go‘ hand in hand’ with the Soft Hands is Soft Hands Blade De-Icer, a non-toxic, Blade De-Icerenvironmentally friendly and non hazardous product. Easy to apply and the kids can use it with ease. Just like the name on the bottle, de-ice does what it does, de-ices the blade of your stick. As Nathan says he never liked the white residue and the slick surface on his blade so he came up with a solution with some help from a friend. A patent pending liquid formula that once it is applied soaks into the tape immediately  leaving no white residue, to prevent the ice from forming and helps reduce the snow build up. It does not leave that slick surface that wax does after freezing and being used. With no snow build up on the blade this allows you to control the puck better and also will last up to 5 days when not re-taping your stick but BEST is to apply per ice session. The application is fast and easy and giving you a good coating will allow you to have ‘Soft Hands’.

Here is what a  couple professional players are saying, who are using Soft Hands products.

 ”Soft Hand Tape gives me better feel without altering my stick in any way. The spray is a very convenient and effective way to get better results than conventional wax. Both products are a simple and easy way to improve your stick”

Mark Stuart – Defense, Winnipeg Jets

“Soft Hands De-Icer Spray is quick and easy to apply. And in the end it really gets the job done better than anything else.”

Ryan Malone – Forward, Tampa Bay Lighting

“Soft Hands tape allows me to feel the puck better on my stick and in turn gives me more confidence. The De-Icer keeps my stick performing at a maximum without any ice build up.”

Natalie Darwitz – Forward, Captain Team USA Womens Olympic Team


So there you have it,  Soft Hands, new products that every player will need to have.  Get yours soon, right here at the UHS  ProShop.
Until next time.
See you after the game,
Coach Nye