I seem to be on a roll to be finding new and innovative products to help in sports these days especially in the topic of preventing concussions.

This isn’t a new product per say but a product that hasn’t been in the public eye very much, I’m not sure why thou. It is a fantastice idea and something every hockey player from minor to professional should have on their helmet, no doublt about!

The protect I’m speaking about is called the Shockbox Sensor. The sensor is designed to be attached to the top of your helmet since most hits in hockey occur to the rear or side of the helmet. It basically provides a immediate wireless transmission to your (get this!) smart phone. The Shockbox sensor records the Peak G-force of a hit to the helmet. It will record that the player has experienced a head impact that may result in a concussion. This will or should help take any guess work out of alerting the training staff.

The Shockbox comes ftted with a high 3M adhesive tape to attach to the helmet. Each sensor has a unique serial number which allows it to be securely paired to the phone via Blacktooth.

This phenomial product was developed by Impakt Protectiveand co-founded by Mr. Danny Crossman and Mr. Scott Clark and stated their mission was to provide contact sports players with a cost effective head impact sensor that helps coaches, trainers and parents to indentify concussion events in professional to minor players.

I haven’t had a chance to speak with MR. Clark or Mr. Crossman but I have been told the price range for this piece of equipment ranges from the $200 mark very affordable in my opinion, especially to help prevent any further damage to a concussion like symptoms.

The Shockbox by the Impakt Protective Comapany, a new innovative product to help all our hockey players, young or old from preventiving concussions. I guess something for all of us to Think About!

By Warren Nye,
February 5th, 2012