Leafs - Bruins

On the day of game 5 in the Toronto Maple Leafs against the Boston Bruins series we can honestly say this is the Leafs biggest game ever up until now. There is no turning back, there is nothing that you can leave on the table, the ‘Blue Shirts’ will need to pour everything into this one game just to survive and reach game 6, and then do it all over again.

The 50 million dollar question is, Can they? (No there is no money involved here, just saying!)

Before the series started I had posted an article What’s It Going To Take To Defeat The Bruins? and thought it would be neat to share some of the replies back that UHS received. Some very intelligent and deep provoking thoughts were sent in and then there were some, well how does the Coach put it……. well have a look.

Brent B started it off with this statement: – Not much. They are more evenly matched than in the recent past. The only difference is the Chara factor. Reimer is just as capable as Rask. If you stick Orr to check Lucic line that will help keep McLaren against Horton. Komarov could negate Marchand and McClement could nullify Krejci. Defenses are even…except for Chara. I’ll be close but I don’t think the Leafs have the horses this year. Bruins in 6.

Jamie Y., is up next: – I think the Leafs might take an upset here. They are sneaky fast and pretty tough too. Ultimately if Rask plays solid then the Bruins will win but there are holes in the lineup that if the Leafs can capitalize, they’ll take it. I actually wrote a post if anyone wants to check it out… Jamie Y post…(Always trying to help out other bloggers, have a read)

Shane R. wrote: – I agree that it will come down to goaltending. Both teams are built the same way and have excellent secondary scoring. It’s going to be a tough, hard-fought, entertaining series for sure!

Mike K chimes in: – Bruins in 6. and to answer your question…The Penguins!

Trevor B. gave his predictions: – Pittsburgh, Montreal, Toronto, NY Rangers. The Pittsburgh over NY, Toronto over Montreal.  The Pittsburgh over Toronto and goes to the cup.

This one I liked!

Cory C: – A Tank!

A frustrated Fan here on this one!

Geoffrey M: - Referees who can drop a puck without throwing Bozak out of the faceoff circle!

Carlo A stated: – This is such a tight series and very entertaining. Large hole to climb out of now due to inexperience. Little mistakes by the Leafs have bee costly and are paying large dividends for the Bruins. One more veteran defensemen that has been around the block and has playoff experience would have been nice. They will be better next season!

And the last one here which just came in late last night!

Matthew P made a BIG statement here! – The Sens!!  (ouch that’s hurtful!)

Anyway there you have it, some great comments from some followers of the Leafs-Bruins series and with UHS.

Remember, anytime you have an opinion or you want your message sent out, let the Coach know and I would be more then glad to help you out!

Well let’s get the day done so we can be entertained tonight with game 5, Leafs vs Bruins, it should be a ‘whale’ of a game.!

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye