Hey just stating the fact here, do you find some times that athletes couldn’t be bother to give you the time of day even if they were wearing a big ‘ol clock around their necks. But then you come across the athletes who do really care about their fans and people in general. I find that most in the world of professional hockey, where players will stop and say hi or give the fan a ‘High Five’ and move on. If you are lucky they might even stop and sign your program or the jersey you are wearing.

But then I see a kind of story that pulls at the ‘ol Coaches heart strings. Reading the local scribe this morning and came across this article that I wanted to share with you all. It’s not the first time Sidney has stopped and did something like this nor will it be the last. He gets it as did Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr and the ‘Great One’ Wayne Gretzky did before him, you give back, simple as that. Because this players all know, it’s the fans who come and watch, who grow up idolizing them and it’s those fans who will follow you forever.
Have a read and expect to smile plus maybe shed a tear or two, it’s ok you are allowed!

Sidney Crosby Scores Huge Smile

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Coach Nye

By Warren Nye, UltimateHockeySource.com
February 18th, 2013