Hockey Stadium

Just sitting here this early morning watching the a pre-game tournament game with Canada and Sweden in the WJC over in Russia and I keep thinking about a couple of items that are happening in the hockey world these days.

One of the obviously topics going on is the NHL lockout and to be honest with you all I have had enough of it all. I don’t want to hear or read anymore about it as it has come down to who is going to make a move that might not be good for their side but good for the game. (Don’t expect this to happen though) I’m sorry to say it has come to greed on all this and until someone comes to their senses there will be a lockout for a long time.

Nothing but bad things have come out of this mess really. Think about it for a moment. The NHL and NHLPA have lost billions of dollars now plus most smaller market teams have lost their fan base which might of if been small before but now, well don’t even go there.

But what really annoys me is the loss of the business and wages for the folks who work and depend on the NHL games to make their income in life. Who is really taking a close look at them. Sheirley not the NHL and it seems the NHLPA don’t really have a care on this subject to, which is really a shame.

I know, I know it’s all business and we have to think of it as the ‘Entertainment’ business part of the sport but come on lets be honest here. This is more then just ‘Business’ issues going on here. As I said before we have a problem with greed and big fast egos among the owners and their employees, the hockey players, end of discussion!

The other topic we have going on here is the World Junior Championship almost as big a the world holiday time at Christmas isn’t it? Actually if you speak to a few Canadians we will tell you it is. We can’t wait until Christmas day to get over with so come Boxing Day(Canada’s holiday after Christmas) we can sit back and watch some good ‘ol hockey played at its best. Where great young players from around the world perform their magic and we get to watch first hand and see what is in store for the future of hockey, as these players play with pride and all heart. To me this is the finest of the game and we should be proud of all the players who play no matter what coountry they are representing. Because they are playing the game we all have grown up to watch and love.

Where ‘Stars’ have been created and where dreams start to form even stronger and that one day some of these great players will join and become NHL players.

It’s funny how that one statement just mentioned ‘Where dreams start to form even stronger that one day some of these great players will join and become NHL players.’ that while this tournament goes on the one ultimate league that most players want to play in is now in one of the worst ever battles in the board room off ice.

The more I think about it the more I wonder why (oh I know the reason why $$) so many young men sacrifise so much in their own lifes just to reach this league. But besides the reasons of the money, we must look at several other factors why? The journey to become the best that they can be. The love of the game itself is probably the main factor and also the other main fact is that they can make a living doing something they love to do (wish we all could say that, don’t we) though it being a short while for some.

I have spoken to thousands and thousands of hockey players who have had great NHL careers, some good minor pro careers and some who have made a very good living in Europe playing professional hockey and the one thing they all say is this.

I was giving a opportunity to play the game I love and to make a living from it. Would I have done anything different along the way? Maybe.But their answer across the board is a big NO! They were blessed with talent and they were giving a chance to play the game and make a living. I don’t think anyone else who loves this game would be any different then the ones who have accomplished great things in hockey.

When I look over these two topics I see how the game is played at a younger age, played with passion to get to a ultimate goal. As obtaining that goal and reaching many others along the way then to playing professional hockey. Once they reach that goal and perform for the ‘Fans’ and get paid along the way, I wondering for some players does the some of the fun leave the game? Does it become a ‘Job’ to some now? Does the passion leave the game that once was their dreams, their escape into another world, where to reach their greatest goals, does this exist anymore?

I don’t have the answers and I’m not sure if we need to know the answers as the game of hockey ‘Is A Changing’ and for whatever those changes are we best be prepared to move on with them or find something else to do!

By Warren Nye,
December 23rd, 2012