healthy food

Over time I have spoken to many sport Doctors, trainers and coaches and I have asked what they felt are the best recommendations for keeping their athlete’s in tip top shape so they can have the maxium performance?

It comes down to these 3 tips or techniques that they all felt would benefit any athlete in any sport, so let’s take a look.

1. Sleep Patterns.
Remember when your were young and your parents were always struggling to get you into bed early in the evening so you would receive a good nights rest? Well guess what they were right and we all should of listened to them. It is a proven fact now that if we get a proper amount of sleep each night we will feel better, look healthier and preform better. So this is why coaches and trainers tell their athlete’s to get the 8+ hours of sleep each evening so the body has the time to rest and recoupe from the activities (training, games) of the past day. When you have a sporadic sleep pattern your body starts to stress out and the results of what you want, as in recouping, actually goes in the oppisite direction, in other words breaking down. Keeping your sleeping patterns on a regular schedule (in bed by 11pm up by 7am everyday) will turn your body into a ideal athlete because it will give you the maxium recovery time and recharge your ‘batteries’.

2. Proper Eating.
There is a saying in the fitness world that states, ‘Eat Right, Stay Fit’. There is so much truth to that statement that there has been numerous books written on it.

A typical student athlete will spend their day in school on average 6-8 hours, right. They usually have enough time through the day (45 minutes) to have something to eat. They scan the cafeteria menu to see what is suitable for them to eat and decide on a chicken salad, sounds healthy right! All depends on the dressing they put on it and so on (ceasar dressing, no!!)Really they are properly better off just having those chicken strips and potato wedges because it is all full of fat. Unfortunately, the school systems don’t have the monies or the time or to produce in mass quanities to put in the proper food to feed anyone especially the athlete who is in training.

So many dietitians suggest taking your own lunch. Pack it with some vegetables and fruit, a water bottle, throw in some nuts (almonds please!) and a healthy meat sandwich (turkey) on grain bread. Doesn’t take long to put together and you have a very healthy lunch for your body to absorb and live on.

3. Proper Supplement Daily
It was funny when I heard a trainer asked his team of hockey players he was involved with, what is the best supplement that you can take? They all started rhyming off the Brand name products that we all are familiar with. He stopped them and said they were forgetting this one amazing product that will help you as a athlete perform better, to be more agile, to give you more strength and even help you with mental preperation. He asked if that sounded appealing and would they take this if it was giving to them on a regular basis? They all went yes and some even said what is this product, a special formula or magic or something!

My trainer friend said no it’s not a magic formula at all and as he stating that fact he leaned over to his glass of water and took a drink and said this my students is the only supplement you will ever need! Water!

And he is exactly right. Many research papers have stated the comsumption of 6-8 glasses of 16oz size per day will keep you hydrated and functioning properly everyday. A athlete in training should up the quota to 11-12 glasses a day. Taken in between classes and before workouts and after workouts and after the meals that they consume this will keep the athlete hydrated properly to perform at their highest level. And if you don’t like the taste of water add some lemon to it or lime juice and spice it up a bit.

These are all basic fundamentals of a high intensity athlete needs to know to keep fit and running and for all us to take note of!

By Warren Nye,
February 12th, 2012