If you have been watching the Toronto Maple Leafs all this shorten NHL season you would think they would be heading to the playoffs with confidence and on a roll, right. Well, I guess you haven’t been watching their last three games, now have you?

As Clarke MacArthur stated, ” We have been to cute, which turns into too many turnovers.” The Leafs were credited with 27 giveaways vs the Islanders the other night.

Now you may think that this is just a little ‘bump‘ in the road to the playoffs but if you are part of this ‘Great Leaf Nation’  we have been down this wild and bumpy road before and we are very, very tired of missing the postseason play, which if you have forgotten ‘Leaf Fans’ is the playoffs ( 9 long years without joining the party)

What Coach Carlyle would like to see with the Leafs is get back to some basic hockey, the play the way they know how. The one way is creating more scoring chances which has been down in their last 3 games. Although they sit 27th in the league in shots  they hold the 5th best most goals per game ratio, go figure that one out Coach Einstein!

The hockey lords out there who keep stats upon stats are starting to whine and say, ‘We told you so’ that if the Leafs kept this pace up with such a wide gap between average number of shots for and against would soon catch up with the ‘Buds’ in the win/loss column eventually. (I really don’t like those math guys, ya know)

Coach Carlyle has mentioned that he would like to see his club improve on both side of the shot clock and if doing so this will help end the 9 year drought of non playoff showings but (ah here come the big BUT) he also stated this, ‘ We must keep the opposition in their own zone as much as possible but we must also be better in the neutral zone ice and preventing the other team getting through, it’s that simple.’

Heading into the last four games for this season the Leafs need a win to make it to where they are not very familiar with and it starts Saturday evening against their arch rivals the Ottawa Senators.  With a loss to the Nations Capital things will look different come Sunday morning in the standing, as Ottawa would leap over the Leafs into 5th place.

Come Sunday morning the whole picture could look a lot different, let’s just hope for all the fans in Leafs Nation it will be a picture of victory.

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye