Well it’s not the Coach who is actually is talking football here but the ‘New’ guy. See I told you he was ‘All Sports’ kind of a guy.

So here you go Jeff,  I’m handing it off to you! (sorry I couldn’t resist.)


Patriots next on the TTT

BY Jeff Schneberk

NE Patriots

Get ready New England Patriots.

You are the next stop on the Tim Tebow Tour.

Following stops in Denver and NewYork, New England is next.

Third time’s the charm?

While every other team in the NFL has run away from this guy (most notably Jacksonville because it’s the closest franchise to where Tebow went to school), the Patriots actually want him.

The most surefire bet here is that Tebow WILL NOT be challenging for the position of NE starting quarterback.

There are at least 2 risks behind this signing. The first one is Tebow’s ability to perform at this level. His college days are pretty much forgotten especially amongst fans bases up north. The other huge risk taken here is the media circus that follows this kid. Kinda like Justin Bieber-style only this is the world of pro sports.

The one thing that is impossible to dispute is Tebow’s work ethic. Similar to Quinn that they both have some skill, however had never fully been given the chance to play and chances are at least one of them is not going to work out.

If there is one team in the National Football League that can probably handle this kind of media circus, it’s probably New England.

If one of the factors behind this signing is that Head Coach Bill Belichick knows that current QB Tom Brady will not be around forever, maybe the main motive is to bring a kid like Tebow into the picture and hope to God he learns from one of the best.

For the past 8-10 Brady and Peyton Manning have been mentioned in the debate over the league’s top QB, and Manning’s clock is starting to tick, too.

However, also hanging low in New England’s QB picture is former Arkansas and Michigan man Ryan Mallett. Nobody is arguing him out of the picture, either

With Tebow in town now, the word had been that he wasn’t about to consider playing any position in the NFL other than QB, but I bet all that’s changed now.

In fact, as a fan I would like to think that someone like Tebow would consider being hired on as a waterboy as long as it’s with a team like New England where, as long as he continues to work hard and to do what he’s told, the sky is pretty much the limit.

Maybe some spot, any spot, could be what’s needed for him to succeed in this league, and what better team to try it with than the New England Patriots, where ALL of the spotlight, most definitely, will not be on him.

One interesting scenario for Tebow could be a tight end. With Rob Gronkowski having multiple surgeries, it is up in the air when he will return, leaving a possible spot open for Tebow who is good with running the football. For more on NFL, NHL and anything else interesting, follow me on Twitter @Game7overtime.