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Over and over I keep hearing these comments,  ” You have to cross train “,  ” You need to build bulk”,  ” You need to do this type of training to be the best”.  I’m getting so confused on what is best for the hockey player to do that I think I’m going to lose my marbles here.

But no fear,  my good friend and colleague  Kevin Neeld-Ultimate-Hockey-Training  has reported to me that there is different types of training that at different parts of your season or development, these are the actions that need to be done.

As Kevin has said before Interval Training has been a very hot topic for the past few years but he also stresses that your conditioning should be specific to your needs. Makes perfect sense to this guy, how about you?

Kevin has been broadcasting several videos lately, taking a look at all aspects of conditioning training, along with Mike Robertson and Eric Oetter  in explaining 3 things,

1. The lies you’ve been told about long, slow duration exercise – and why it’s actually very good for you.

2. Why certain training, like high-intensity training should be done at certain times of the year.

3. How smart energy training will help your sleep, relax you and feel better.


Please have a look at the third video to see what Mike and Eric have been explaining and then I have also put below the other 2 videos to watch if you haven’t yet. Great information on the proper way of training and the ‘ WHY ‘ we need to focus on different training techniques at different times of our development and of the year.

Videos 1 – 2 – 3

Hope you enjoy the videos and when you have some time give us some feedback on your training will you, love to hear from you all! 

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye