UHS and Backcheck Joining

Hey all you UHS Fans out there, Coach Nye wants you all to give a Big Welcome to Brad and the boys at http://backchecksblog.com. We have joined up to be able share even more information about the hockey world and get all the details that you need.

I have been reading their blog now for over a year and I am very impressed with there knowledge and detail to our great game. What else is great with this is that Brad grew up in Amherstburg, south of Windsor, Ontario. He migrated west to Crestline, CA where we will hopefully plant a rink and become part of the Anaheim Ducks H.S. program.

As stated by Brad in a recent conversation, ’ BackCheck’s Blog began as when 3 people were frustrated in our attempts to engage in a respectful hockey chat on other blogs.’

So now we have some home brew boys in the South, spreading the Great Gospel of Hockey to our even greater fans in the south.

So Welcome Brad and the Team at BackCheck’sBlog.com

By Warren Nye, UltimateHockeySource.com
July 17th, 2012