Hawks Shaw

Ok what do they do for an encore?

What a fantastic way to start the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals (unless you are the Bruins, I guess) but seriously that was a game that will go down in hockey history as one of the better all round played games from the goalies to the fourth line pluggers, it was all out playoff hockey for sure.

But if you are a Boston Bruin player or even a fan the best way you can overcome this game was stated perfectly by Lucic in the post game scrum, “You can dwell on it as much as you want but at the end of the day you’ve got to be able to turn the page and focus on Game 2,” Lucic said. “Shoulda, woulda, coulda is not going to get you anywhere. It’s not going to win us a game in the end. And I think we need to focus on Game 2 as fast as we can.”*

If you are a true purest of the game and didn’t care who won but saw this game as a thing of beauty I will bet you you had forgotten that the Bruins were up in this game by a score of 3-1 and the goals by the Hawks to tie it up at 3 apiece to force the game into triple overtime were from a giveaway and bad bounce and that one of the top performers in all these playoffs (Horton) was injured and out of the game. All the little things were most likely forgotten due to the fatigue factor (can we use a new word for this, getting really old).

As the game went on and right through to the 3 rd OT period you could see certain players on both teams were called upon by the ‘Hockey Gods’ to step it up a bit. Players such as on the Hawks were, Sharp, Hossa, Bolland, Shaw and of course Crawford. Nothing to take away from the Bruins either, players like Lucic, Seguin, Krejci, Ference and Jagr plus the brilliance of tending of Rask. But as some of the greatest hockey players will tell you, it isn’t the ’Big Name Players  who win you these type of playoff games and make history, it’s the unknowns who step up and prove to the world that they are there for a reason. At exactly 12:08 of the 3rd OT and hardley unknow Hawks defenseman, Rozsival blasted a shot from the blueline and the unmistakable happened, a double deflection, first off Hawks Bolland and then off Shaw and then into the corner of the net where only Rask could watch helplessly with defect. Hawks OT Goal-NHL.com

As the old saying goes, “Ah the joy of victory and the agony of defeat” It was an awful shame that one team had to lose this game wasn’t it? But it should it be an outstanding series with many more highs and lows plus maybe, just maybe another new hero will be cast onto the Hockey Gods to save for another time!

I can’t wait until Saturday for game 2, how about you?

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye