OT Goal by BruinsYou always wonder what goes through the thinking process of a defender in a fast pace NHL playoff game and especially in a overtime situation, Captain Phaneuf, ” I take responsibility for making a bad play, I said that and I don’t know what more I can say.”

An error made in a split second that may haunt the Captain for a while.

“He just beat me, I thought I got most of it and I had a good read, I just didn’t get enough of it”,  quoted James Reimer. The one which got away and the one he would like back and the one which might also haunt him for a while.

Two mistakes all in the wrong time of the game and two errors that can not be done by players who should know better. As Coach Carlyle stated, ” You can’t afford to make mistakes that lead to odd-man rushes, we turn the puck over deep in their zone and allow a odd-man rush and then they score on the short side to beat us, that’s kind of a dagger. It feels like a dagger after the effort that was put forth by our group.”

But let’s look at some the good plays the ‘Blue-Shirts‘ did accomplish t throughout this game because to be perfectly honest with you the ‘Buds’ played one helluva of a game which realistically they should of one. But you must remember they are playing a veteran Boston team who know how to win.

The Good

- The past 4 periods the Leafs have played very well with great energy and determination but have come up short handed

- The play of Jake Gardiner has been improving with every game. He is positioning himself better plus his overall skating can cover up some mistakes if needed.

- The team is playing the way the coaches want them to play, execution of the play is getting better.

The Bad

- Sooner or later we knew the special teams were going to reverse but why now?. Last night the Bruins capitalized on 2 chances and the Leafs PP went into the tank.

- How to control the Bruins line of Krejci, Horton and Lucic. Setting a dominating line and pair of defensemen against them hasn’t worked, Any Suggestions?

- The Leafs need more offense from others in the lineup  Maybe it’s the younger guys turn to turn it up in game 5 but we need Grabovski, Kulemin and MacArthur to start putting the puck in the net

The Ugly

- Still too many giveaways 33 to Bruins 24. Can we use the excuse of the Leafs being a young team anymore?

Coach’s Additional Comments

The Leafs work ethic was very strong last night and it needs to be continued if they want to have any chance to continue on past Friday night. It almost appears that the Leafs will need to play an all so perfect game from all players to achieve what many believe to be an unrealistic hope of going past game 5.

It’s just not the experience that the Boston Bruins have over the Leafs but also their character. This doesn’t come overnight with teams it comes from playing in games like last night. It comes from developing a trust among your teammates and building that character that great teams have.

Going into game 5 into Boston will be a true test for these young Leafs, let’s hope they are up for the challenge.

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye